Elodie Vasseur
Level/Quest Design

Holder of a BAC of Video game design in UQAT, I specialize in Level & quest design.
Holder of a DEC in 3D Animation and Image Synthesis, I specialize in 3D lighting and image composition.

Skills & Knowledges


Here is an overview of my skills in creating audiovisual projects. The software used are mainly: 
- Unreal Engine 5
- Unity
- Perforce 
- Maya or Blender

Level Design


Bolt'N'Punch is an hack 'n' slash project created in Unreal Engine in the last year of my BAC. The constraints were to create an AA game, with a team of 24. My role was to co-lead the environmental team and lead the level design. The project lasted 4 months and available on Steam.

Color Space

Project carried out with Unity, as part of LudumDare54 (2023) a game jam. Our team was made up of 3 people, for 72 hours of production. The constraint was limited space. Our primary idea generator was to use a limited color space. Our game genre is a puzzle.

Quest Design

Lost Note

 Project realized with Unity, as part of the 3 trimester of the BAC in Video game creation (UQAT). Our team was made up of 3 students,  approximately 100 hours of work.

The aim is to use the different colored lasers for progress in the game. The demo is compose by the tutorial, the HUB and the first boss room. The side quest is on the GDD.


Quilli is a project create in Unreal Engine in the 4 semester of my BAC. The constraints was to create a game inspired by Spyro in a team mixed all specialities (design, art and programmation). Create the entire quest took me about 75 hours. The team was composed by 10 students (4 designers, 4 artists and 2 programmers). 


Thanks to my studies and my hobbies, I learned to do 3D rendering, to work with light to create an atmosphere. I also do photo editing to convey emotion and create backgrounds for the games.